Asus puts a geometric spin on Google TV with the Qube set-top box

asus shows off new qube with google tv and monitor at ces 2013 qube2s

Along with its convertible laptops, Asus strengthened its line of home theater accessories at CES 2013 set-top box. The Google-TV-powered device connects to an HDTV and offers viewers access to Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube, along with the usual suite of third-party Google TV apps, including access to more than 100,000 shows and movies from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Every Qube with Google TV comes with 50GB of WebStorage cloud space.

Rather than using the default Google TV interface, Asus uses a unique interface for the Qube, which matches its namesake shape. Functions appear on the screen on the sides of a rotating cube shape. There are several options for navigating the Qube, including motion control and voice search. You can also control the device through an Android smartphone, or a tablet with the Mobile Remote app. The market for devices that combine a TV and a computer control is getting ever more crowded. Intel and Netgear are both reportedly working on offerings, and Hisense and Logitech both have options on the market already. It will be exciting to watch how well Asus and the Qube can keep up with the competition.

Asus has not yet announced pricing or availability details for the Qube.