ATI Xilleon To Power USDTV Set-Top Boxes

USDTV has pioneered a unique “over-the-air” subscription service featuring digital and high-definition formats utilizing unused digital spectrum from broadcast partners. ATI’s NXT2004 enables thecrystal-clear digital reception of the broadcast signal while ATI’s XILLEON delivers the digital image to the TV screen.

In addition to ATI, USDTV is also collaborating with: Chinese set-top box manufacturer Hisense Company, Ltd., and technology companies Dotcast, Winegard Company, and ServicePower. USDTV’s broadcast partners include: FOX News, STARZ!, ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Discovery Channel, TLC, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, Home & Garden Television and The Food Network.

XILLEON integrates into a single chip all processor, graphics, video, audio, and I/O (input and output) capabilities needed in a set-top box or digital TV. Included are a 300 MHz MIPS® CPU (central processing unit), dual-HD (high definition) capable MPEG decoder, audio decoder, dual display engine, 2D and 3D graphics engine, conditional access, transport demultiplexers, PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), USB (universal serial bus), and hard disk drive interfaces.

NXT2004 VSB/QAM receiver provides superior reception performance in the presence of multipath, phase noise, impulse noise, adjacent and co-channel interference for both terrestrial and cable environments.

“ATI is recognized as providing exceptional chips enabling delivery of crystal-clear digital and high-definition television programming,” said Richard Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, USDTV. “The performance of XILLEON and NXT2004 in our set-top boxes has been excellent.”

“ATI continues to support the consumer electronics marketplace with the highest level of visual quality through XILLEON’s multimedia rich, cost-effective one-chip solution and NXT2004’s digital receiver technology for global manufacturers,” said Daniel Eiref, Director of Digital Television Marketing and Business Development, ATI Technologies Inc.

USDTV’s unique television subscription service is the first of its kind in the U.S. broadcast industry. The company bundles multiple cable channels and broadcast partners to deliver the service to subscribers’ homes through standard VHF/UHF antennas. Customers view these digital and high-definition broadcasters via USDTV’s proprietary set-top box instead of a direct cable or satellite dish. USDTV’s service offers 12 of the most popular cable channels and also receives the digital and high-definition TV channels of local and national affiliated broadcast stations.

The USDTV set-top box, featuring XILLEON and NXT2004, can be purchased at U.S. Wal-Mart stores, as well as at regional electronics chains. Prior to service availability in a given area, the USDTV Readyâ„¢ set-top-box, also sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide under the USDIGITALâ„¢ brand, can be used as an off-air HD Tuner to receive high-definition television programming