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Audio Technica unveils CES spoils, including its first ever gaming headphones

audio technica unveils ces spoils including new gaming headphones ath ag1 large edit

Audio Technica gave us a sneak preview today of what it will be unveiling next month at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and it’s a pretty full house. The veteran audio company has a slew of new products for show and tell including noise canceling headphones, wireless microphones, and the company’s first ever expedition into the world of gaming headphones. Let’s take a quick look below and see what AT has in store for the big show.

Gaming Headphones

Crossing over into new realms is always exciting, and while Turtle Beach is expanding into the consumer sector, Audio Technica is hoping to grab some of the spoils from the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Its first offerings are the ATH-AG1 closed back design (pictured above), and the ATH-ADG1 open design. Both headsets come with 53mm Bobbin-wound coil drivers, and the ADG1 claims to be the first to offer copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coils in a gaming headset.

Other features for the ‘phones include an AT designed chat microphone, detachable USB digital audio converters with built-in amplifiers, AT’s 3D wing support design, and a 1 meter fixed cord with a 2 meter extension piece for extended range. Frequency ranges for the AG1 and ADG1 are 5Hz-35kHz, and 5Hz-30kHz respectively. Though the ADG1 has already popped up overseas, neither headsets are available in the states yet. You can pre-order both headsets now at Audio Technica’s website for $350.

Noise Cancelingaudio_technica_ath_anc70_37478 edit

Audio Technica will also be showing off its newest active noise canceling (ANC) model, the ATH-ANC70. Specs for the new ‘phones include large aperture 40mm drivers with rare-earth magnet systems for improved detail and bass, ANC that claims a 90 percent environmental sound reduction, memory foam padding, and an illuminated logo button on the side that handles play/pause and calling. The ANC70 are available now at an impressively low price of $200, but we’re interested to hear them on the super noisy show room floor to test out all that “90 percent” talk.


Some new consumer mics will also be on display, including AT’s newest ATR700 series microphones, which are priced for consumer use, as well as the company’s new ATR3350iS lavalier microphone, which is designed to be compatible with smartphones for uber-convenient recording applications.

SonicFuel headphones

Finally, the company is expanding its SonicFuel over-ear headphone lineup, revealing 5 brand new models. AT is being very hush-hush about the new SonicFuel stable, so we’ll have to wait for the announcement on the show floor to give you the goods. The prodigious SonicFuel in-ear lineup will also be on display, with six models that are already available.

All this new gear and more will be pumping tunes at the Audio Technica CES booth in Vegas this January. We’re especially interested to hear what those gorgeous new gaming ‘phones sound like. We’ll make sure and stop by AT’s booth next month to give you a closer look at what the company has planned for the new year.

For now, here’s a PR video for the new AG1 and ADG1 with the obligatory dub-step music change-up to get you in the mood.

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