Audiomoda’s Aston Martin Zygote: the strangest wireless speaker we totally want

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Pictured above is not a melted jelly bean of epic proportions, nor an object torn from a Salvador Dali painting. The sleekly curved object before you is in fact an elegant and powerful new standalone wireless audio system, born from a partnership between Norwegian-based Audiomoda, and iconic British automaker Aston Martin. And although we wish it wasn’t true, it is called the Aston Martin Zygote.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten it all out of your system, it’s time to be serious for a moment. Because, though the Zygote’s title may utterly fail at depicting the synergetic union between luxury brands, and instead revive a lecture from a health class you’d forgotten you attended, this chic little system is no joke. In fact, with 240 Watts of class D amplification, we’d have to say it’s pretty damned earnest.

Apart from that truckload of power Audiomoda claims rests beneath the skin, and a design that’s both chic and unique, the Zygote has plenty of other features to offer. Counted among them are a host of connection options, including Wi-Fi with DLNA and Airplay support, as well as RCA analog and digital coaxial connections. Also on board is a premium 32 bit DAC, and a full suite of proprietary digital signal processing (DSP), including selectable tone control, room adaption control, and more.

The organically inspired cabinet is a solid body stretching about two feet across, and lacquered in Aston Martin color schemes, including Morning Frost, Madagascar Orange, and Onyx Black. Audiomoda claims the Zygote’s unique design helps to deliver “unparalleled and extremely powerful sound performance.”

We haven’t had a chance to audition the speaker ourselves yet, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to anytime soon, as the company does not list any American retailers on its site. Price is also a mystery, though we’re guessing it isn’t cheap. However, our curiosity is more than piqued, so we’ll stay on top of this until we can procure one for ourselves, or at least find out how you can.