Axiom EP800 v3 subwoofer could be most powerful sub yet

axiom ep800 v3 subwoofer could be most powerful sub yet ep800cherrygrilleoff2

No home theater system is truly complete without a subwoofer. There is simply something primal to that low bass rumble that rattles your drink and shakes the popcorn. It is a deeply ingrained within us to want more sound, to feel the power of the bass, and in turn, to be fully immersed.  It is more than just watching or listening to something, it is experiencing it.

Of every subwoofer on the market, few can come close to the awesome power of the Axiom EP800 v3, a subwoofer so powerful that it might not register in the range of human hearing, but you will definitely feel it.

In terms of technical proficiency, the massive subwoofer tower is the first ever to achieve an anechoic response of 13 Hz. Basically that means that if you crank it up, it will feel like an earthquake- literally. It also features two dual-voice-coil 12-inch aluminum drivers, an 800 watt amplifier, and a new custom written digital code that controls every frequency between 13 Hz to 150 Hz, without deviating more than 1dB.

The EP800 delivers a staggering 125 dB sound pressure level, meaning that it can generate more sound than a live rock concert. If you are an audiophile looking for the best, cleanest sound, then the Axiom EP800 v3 subwoofer is the new high water mark to strive for.

The best does not come cheaply though. The EP800 will run you $2,350. Shipping is included, as is a five-year warranty, as well as a 30-day in-home trial. For more information check out the official Axiom website.