Bang & Olufsen BeoLink System

Bang & Olufsen BeoLink System

Bang & Olufsen is taking one step further towards the convergence of home automation and computer systems. Called BeoLink this new system allows the operation of multiple video and audio stimuli through a proprietary network.

The premise behind the BeoLink is based on the fact that people move from room to room throughout the house. Music and Video you are watching cannot follow you throughout the house…or can it?

All communications in the BeoLink System are handled via a remote control and an electronic receiver unit on the wall of each room. If you are watching a movie in the family room, but have to go to the bed room to do some work utilizing the BeoLink system will allow you to watch the movie in the family room VCR through the television in the bed room. But this principle does not stop with the television set. You can also listen to music throughout the home through the family CD player or even MP3’s off the home computer!

All of the video and audio devices are linked together by a single cable run through out the home. While I would like to see a new technology being used like Bluetooth or 802.11b, I would suppose that a wired cable would be the most reliable method. 802.11b can receive interference from other devises in the 2.4GHz spectrum such as cordless phones.

There are many products by Bang & Olufsen that utilize the BeoLink network. These include:

BeoVision MX 4002 Television BeoVision MX 4002

The BeoVision is a 21” television and can draw on the Avant’s VCR located in another room, even if someone is watching a television program on the Avant at the same time. The BeoVision MX 4002 can act as an alarm clock waking you up to a CD or a television program.
Available in pearlescent shades: blue, green, red, grey, black and glossy white.

BeoLab 3500 Loudspeaker BeoLab 3500

A dedicated Beolink® loudspeaker; fits into its standard bracket on the wall, on top of a book case, or over the door in the dining room. Its display keeps you informed about which source you are playing.

BeoLab 2000 Soundsystem BeoLab 2000

In the kitchen, the bathroom or the garage this active loudspeaker gives you the option of remote or hands-on control of tape, CD, radio, timer and volume.

BeoLink Active room sensor BeoLink Active
Active loudspeaker’s sensor can be used manually via sensitouch or through the Beo4 remote control.

Light Regulator LC2

Light regulator for home can be used manually or through the Beo4 remote control. SO you can control the room lighting to create the right mood.

Beo4 Remote Control Beo4

Remote control that works with all recent Bang & Olufsen systems and is the key to your BeoLink® system.

BeoLink PC2 Computer system BeoLink PC2
The BeoLink PC2 allows you to access MP3’s off your computer and play them through any compatible Bang & Olfsen speakers throughout the home. The BeoLink has just been released this month.

BeoVision 1 LS
The BeoVision 1 LS is larger that the BeoVision MX 4002 yet, is very similar.
Dimensions W x H x D / Weight:
61 x 73 x 42 cm / 37.6 kg
23 1/2″ x 28 5/8″ x 16 1/4″ / 82.7 lbs
The 1LS is controlled via the Beo4 remote control.

This is just a taste of the products that can use this new BeoLink system. For more details please visit Bang & Olufsen . Check out Digitaltrends in the coming months for a review of each individual peice, including specific details about these products.