The BassJump 2 USB-powered subwoofer adds “oomph” to your MacBook’s thin onboard audio

bassjump 2 twelve south subwoofer usb

Twelve South released a clever little USB-powered subwoofer more than two years ago — an eon in terms of our exponentially growing world of modern technology –  but the device did well enough that it earned itself a needed refresh. Meet the BassJump 2. 

The BassJump 2 was crafted specifically with MacBooks in mind (Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Pro with Retina Display),  and, like its predecessor,  runs off of a single USB connection, enhancing laptop audio by blending bass with the otherwise anemic output of a Mac’s built-in speakers. The sub’s low-end response fills in the gaps left  by Mac speakers’ notoriously thin  sound using a 3-inch driver in a tuned enclosure that measures about 2.5 x 5 x 5-inches.

Unlike the original BassJump, this second generation release has an additional eight decibels of boom and greater compatibility (it can connect to more than just the Macbook Pro and Air models). Plus the sub now comes standard with two nostalgia-inducing analog-style VU meters – win!

The original $70 price tag remains the same for this second-gen portable sub, but this is a product for travelers and  those in-between situations when you want more bump than Mac speakers can bring, but can’t or don’t want to use a full-on stereo system. $70 begins to look like a pretty damn fair deal when you consider the ease-of-use, compatibility and handy audio-blending feature, which is meticulously handled by proprietary software for an actual blend — the sub doesn’t just double up and play back the same thing coming out of the Mac’s speakers.

Other improvements  include software refinements that enable compatibility with iMac and Apple Thunderbolt Display speakers, as well as third-party USB and headphone-connected speakers.