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Beatport goes live on mobile devices, offering millions of EDM songs free

beatport edm dj music streaming free ios android app
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Beatport is well known in DJ and EDM (electronic dance music) circles as a top-tier source for purchasing and streaming music. Now the company has decided to expand its DJ and EDM circle, offering new mobile apps that will allow Android and iOS device users to stream music for free.

This means users can access millions of songs, along with charts, playlists, and other features. Billboard reports that T-Mobile will serve as charter partner for the app and service, which makes perfect sense since the carrier eliminated its data charges associated with music streaming via several popular services last year. Beatport is not yet listed as one of those services, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it joined the sprawling list at some point.

Greg Consiglio, President and COO of SFX, which acquired Beatport two years ago, says the “evolution of Beatport involves far more than just streaming music.” And that’s evidenced by another big move from the company: it has also launched a video streaming offering, Beatport Live, which is now available in beta. That service is designed to allow fans to watch live and pre-recorded streams of DJs in HD video, while also listening in HD audio. Presumably, it will be free as well.

Beatport carries a host of artists in the genre, with names like Rene Amesz, R3HAB, Oliver Heldens, Hit Noize, Vida, Jusin Marchacos, and a wide selection of others from the electronic scene. The service’s main website also offers a list of live shows coming down the pike, and even short-form video for news and current events in the DJ world.

Beatport can be accessed through a number of means, including its website, its music download store, and the Beatport Pro desktop music manager and media player for DJs. The apps are live today, so get your EDM groove on.

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