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Beats drops three new colors for the Fit Pro, including a eyeball-searing yellow

The Beats Fit Pro, an excellent set of noise-canceling wireless earbuds, now come in three new color options: Coral Pink, Volt Yellow, and Tidal Blue. They’ll be available from Beats, Apple, and various retailers starting February 23 for the same $200 price as other Beats Fit Pro colors.

Beats Fit Pro in Tidal Blue, Coral Pink, and Volt Yellow.

Unlike its parent company, Apple, which has never strayed from its iconic white color for the AirPods family of wireless earbuds, Beats is no stranger to colorful variations on its products. The brand has a long track record of releasing special limited-edition collaborations with artists, athletes, and brands, some of which have been anything but ordinary when comes to color.

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The Fit Pro were launched in 2021 in four colors: black, white, gray, and pink. In 2022, those options were joined by three special-edition colors developed in conjunction with Kim Kardashian and designed to blend rather than stand out: Moon, Dune, and Earth.

In keeping with the Beats tradition of launching new products and colors with celebrities, the three newest Beats Fit Pro colors are being promoted with the help of singer, songwriter, and actress Chlöe Bailey and American tennis player Frances Tiafoe.

Pro tennis player Frances Tiafoe seen wearing the Beats Fit Pro in Volt Yellow.
Pro tennis player Frances Tiafoe seen wearing the Beats Fit Pro in Volt Yellow. Beats

The Beats Fit Pro are immediately recognizable because of their curved, integrated ear wingtips, which help to anchor the earbuds in place. This makes them a good alternative to the company’s Powerbeats Pro, which use an around-the-ear earhook design. The Fit Pro also leverage many of the technologies that Apple has been adding to the AirPods family, like active noise cancellation, hands-free Siri, and head-tracking spatial audio.

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