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Beats Studio Buds+ revealed in now-removed Amazon listing

Apple’s Beats Studio Buds+ will come with improved features and a rather striking transparent option, according to a listing on Amazon on Tuesday that’s now been removed.

Information shared on the e-commerce giant’s website, which was viewed by MacRumors, said the Beats Studio Buds+ will retail for $169.95 and be available from May 18.

Beats Studio Buds+.

Besides the transparent option, which MacRumors points out bears some resemblance to the recently released Nothing Ear 2 earbuds, the Beat Studio Buds+ will also come in Black and Ivory colors, according to the listing that briefly appeared on Amazon.

The overall design, however, looks to be similar to the original Studio Buds, which launched in June 2021 and currently retail for $150, $20 less than the expected price of the updated buds.

Amazon’s listing revealed that the Studio Buds+ will offer up to 1.6 times more effective active noise cancellation and up to 2 times improved Transparency mode compared to the version that it’s replacing.

Improved battery life is also part of the package as the new buds will come with up to 36 hours of listening time via the included USB-C charging case — that’s an impressive 12 hours increase over the older Studio Buds.

The new buds from Apple-owned Beats have IPX4-rated water resistance and will be available in four ear-tip sizes for a comfortable fit, Amazon’s listing said.

Features such as one-touch pairing, automatic switching between devices, Hey Siri support, and Find My support are also included with the buds, which can be used with Apple and Android devices.

The existence of the new Beats earbuds was confirmed in code released in iOS 16.4 last month, and they also appeared in Federal Communications Commission filings that came to light last week.

The new true wireless Studio Buds+ will line up alongside the Beats Fit Pro for $200 and the Powerbeats Pro for $250, though there are plenty of impressive alternatives on the wider market.

With May 18 only a few weeks away, it won’t be long before we’re able to get a proper look at the Beats Studio Buds+. Be sure to check back soon for an in-depth hands-on review.

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