BenQ Debuts Largest LCD TV On Market At 56′

“Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd in Korea announced LCD TVs larger than 50 inches, but they are not in the market. Our 56-inch TV will be the largest available model commercially,” BenQ said.

BenQ has just announced at Computex Taipei that it will sell 46-inch models from July 2004.

By introducing a series of large LCD TV models, it aims to acquire a reputation and global share next to Samsung, Sharp Corp, and Sony Corp, BenQ said.

The company’s LCD panels will be manufactured by AU Optronics Corp (AUO) with fifth-generation glass substrates. BenQ explained that AUO will start manufacturing sixth-generation ones in the first quarter of 2005, seventh-generation ones in the first quarter of 2007, and finally eighth-generation ones in 2008. Putting this schedule in mind, BenQ has a plan to improve its line-up of large size LCD TVs.

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