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Surprise! B&O Play’s stylish new Bluetooth headphones cost less than you’d expect

The latest pair of Bluetooth headphones to come from Scandinavian design and audio experts B&O Play is the H4, and unlike the company’s many other products, won’t require quite the same sharp intake of breath when you hear the price. The H4’s slot in just below the B&O Play H7 headphones, retaining many of the cool design signature touches, and the natural soundscape we’ve always enjoyed from them.

Connect them with your audio device using Bluetooth and you can expect 19 hours of playback time, before needing either a recharge, or fitment of the included 3.5mm cable. Apple iPhone 7 owners will need to keep their Lightning port dongle handy for moments like this. Like the H7 and H9 B&O Play headphones, the H4’s have an over-ear design, with cups wrapped on soft sheepskin leather, and a hanger made from aluminum.

B&O Play emphasizes natural, authentic sound quality from its headphones, and the H4’s promise to deliver exactly that through the 40mm drivers inside each cup. If you’re wondering where the differences between the H4 headphones and other over-ear models from B&O Play lie, it’s in the control system. The H4s have a set of buttons for play/pause, and track forward and back, on the right cup. This replaces the touch-based gesture system found on other B&O Play Bluetooth headphones. You don’t get any noise cancellation either.

The design is still as cool as you’d expect, but only one color seems to be available at launch, matching a deep grey with the aluminum trim, and a classy gold disc on the cup to bring some excitement to the design. We think they look great. Finally, we come to the price. The B&O Play H4s will cost you $300, or 250 British pounds, making them the cheapest over-ear Bluetooth model in the company’s range. That’s $100 less than the H7s, and $200 less than the flagship H9s.

You can purchase them from today through B&O Play’s online store.

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