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My top TV pick for the PS5 is discounted for Black Friday

100-inch Hisense U8K 4K mini-LED TV.

It only took three years, but if you want to buy a PS5, it’s not only in stock right now, but there are great PS5 deals to be had, too. If you spent the last three holiday seasons waiting for the right time to buy, your moment has arrived. And since you’re getting a new PS5, may I humbly and strongly recommend you buy a new TV that can unlock the PS5’s full potential? Yes? Why thank you! Here it is:

My top TV pick for the PS5 is the Hisense U8K. The 55-inch model in particular, which is discounted from $800 to $700 in Best Buy’s Black Friday sale.

Now, to be clear, I think the best TV deal for most folks is the Hisense U7K, but the PS5 has such incredible graphics (along with other advanced capabilities) that the Hisense U8K’s advanced picture performance and game modes make it the PS5’s best mate.

In my Hisense U8K review, I call attention to the TV’s unique pairing of incredibly punchy brightness, excellent mini-LED backlight control, deep, inky black levels, and striking contrast — all attributes that will make the PS5’s graphics look absolutely stunning. But the U8K’s vivid color and advanced gaming-friendly features really seal the deal. Plus, the Hisense U8K’s auto low latency mode (ALLM), 4K 120Hz HDMI inputs, and excellent-looking built-in gaming picture preset mean getting the most out of your new PS5 requires just a few clicks of the U8K’s backlit remote, and that’s it. It’s as close to a set-it-and-forget-it proposition you can get with a TV.

And, of course, the Hisense U8K is a stellar TV for watching 4K HDR movies and TV shows through the built-in apps that are part of its Google TV operating system, which makes it easy to get back to what you were watching before you decided to dive into your favorite game.

I really can’t say enough about how breathtaking the Hisense U8K’s brightness and contrast are — especially if you’re upgrading from a TV that over four years old. Prepare yourself for a serious upgrade. Your eyes will think you paid a lot more, but your wallet will know better.

And, hey, if the 55-inch model doesn’t seem quite big enough? Spring for the 65-inch model. It’s on sale right now, too.

Happy holidays! I can’t wait for you to pair your new PS5 with this amazing TV.

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