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AMC offers another taste of Better Call Saul with this new trailer

He oozed sleaze and shadiness from his very pores. And he also had a very big mouth. We’re speaking, of course, about the scene-stealing character Saul Goodman from the tremendously successful AMC show Breaking Bad, who will grace our screens once again in a spin-off called Better Call Saul on Monday, February 9. The latest teaser trailer for the show appears to show the dramatic introduction between Saul, and the lovable but lethal Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks, who eventually serves as Goodman’s muscle, so to speak.

You wouldn’t know the two would be teaming up based on their first encounter, however. Setting up the same darkly delightful odd-couple pairing we enjoyed on Breaking Bad, the trailer shows Saul taunting Ehrmantraut, whom Saul presumes to be an old and hapless parking attendant. Unfortunately for Saul (in the short and long run) that parking attendant is no run-of-the-mill retiree earning some additional income, but a former cop with a no-nonsense disposition, and a penchant for badassery.

The scene puts that same, incomparable Breaking Bad flavor in your mouth, which bodes well for the highly anticipated new/old chapter in the story. The best part may just may be the quick glance at another one of Mike’s indelible eye rolls as he realizes Saul will need to be dealt with.

Better Call Saul, which will enjoy a two-night premier at 10 pm ET/PT on Monday February 9 and 10, according to The Vergewill see Bob Odenkirk’s Goodman take the spot light, looking at the slimy lawyer’s life and story in the six years before he meets the infamous Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who eventually leaves him (spoiler alert) on the run with a new identity.

We’ll get to see how Goodman spirals downward from small-town lawyer into the deep, dark world of criminal behavior right alongside his clients.

Goodman’s downfall may not be as drastic as Walter White’s fall from a timid chemistry teacher to the do-you-know-who-I-am, pork pie hat-wearing, don’t-mess-with-me Heisenberg. But if the teaser videos are any indication, it promises to be just as compelling, or at least entertaining. Stay tuned for more as AMC stokes the fire leading up to February’s premiere.

This article updated by Ryan Waniata 12/1/2014 with the latest available trailer

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