Between the Streams: Dr. Strange, Capt America love-fest, young Han Solo and more

Each week, DT’s newest show, Between the Streams, is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment to recap the week that was.

This week, Disney takes center stage as Marvel and Star Wars make big headlines, along with news from around the web, young Han Solo, and so much more. You can watch in the video above, check out our podcast below, or add us to your list via RSS or on Stitcher.

Did anybody see that epic Dr. Strange teaser? We’ll break down the new trailer, which is a big part of Marvel’s Phase III initiative. Then we’ll be tackling the overwhelmingly positive early reviews of Captain America: Civil War, which basically makes the movie the anti-Batman v Superman. After we spend most of our time taking way too long on that subject, we’ll be moving on to several other cool topics in the world of entertainment, and beyond.

On the Star Wars front, the original movies are coming home to theaters — again. The movies made their way back to the big screen in the ’90s after Lucas showed his penchant for revisionist CGI history, but it still made for an epic moment for those of us who grew up on the franchise. Unfortunately, that same touched up version will come back to theaters, but it’s all we’ve got.

In other Star Wars news, it appears Disney has zeroed in on its top choice for the coming young Han Solo flick in Alden Ehrenreich. He’s the pick we were gunning for after he showed his stuff in Hail Caesar, showcasing poise, comedic timing, and the all-important charisma factor.

Finally this week, we’ll mop up the rest of the entertainment news from around the web, including AMC’s plans for (what?!) theaters made for texters, Sean Parker’s continuing attempts to bring big theatrical releases into the home over a streaming service, and so much more.

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