Biggest shoes to fill: Bombs away for Behringer’s iNuke Boom Junior

biggest shoes to fill bombs away for behringers inuke junior boom photo main left

Check out our full review of the Behringer iNuke Boom Junior iPod speaker dock. 

Name your product the iNuke Boom and you’ve set the sound bar pretty high. But that’s just what Behringer did in 2011, creating an 8ft tall speaker that became the largest and loudest iPod dock ever. The German-based audio manufacturer has followed that effort up with a slightly smaller project: iNuke Boom Junior. The surname added to the original’s title makes the newer, smaller model sound a bit less imposing, both in name and in decibels.

The iNuke Boom Junior is a 1:23 scale model of the 10,000-watt original and is outfitted with an auxiliary port, video out, two one-inch tweeters, two three-inch mid-range speakers, and one five-and-a-quarter-inch woofer. Coming in at a hefty 10.6 lbs, the iNuke is certainly a heavyweight, and if its predecessor is any indication, the condensed Boom Junior will pack plenty of punching power. Luckily, its dimensions aren’t as imposing as its name since  the dock stands at only 8.7 x 16.5 x 9.8 (H x W x D – in inches).

The dock works with  iPads, iPods from the 5th generation classic onward, and all iPhones except for the new iPhone 5. That means owners of Apple’s newest phone will need the services of a specialized connector, like the forthcoming Lightning Adapter, available for pre-order now on

The iNuke Boom Junior is available online and only at The product is priced at $180 including shipping and handling, which – for that kind of heavy weaponry – should be considered a bargain.