Blumoo wants to give your iPhone the reins to your home theater

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Blumoo, the strange little universal remote device with an even stranger name, was released today to the public by fledgling startup Flyover Innovations, LLC. The inventive device is powered by an iOS app, allowing users to control a host of home theater equipment, and even playback music wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad, thanks to a combination of Bluetooth and Infrared technologies.

The device consists of a rounded unit that beams out a powerful charge of Infrared off the walls of your home to allow you to control “more than 200,000 TVs, Blu-ray players, cable provider boxes, and home audio systems.” And thanks to an analog audio port on the back of the unit, you can also send any music stored on your mobile device to the input of your stereo system via Bluetooth.

Flyover Innovations says the Blumoo can control your home theater from other rooms, or even outdoors through its adaptable interface on the app, with a claimed Bluetooth range of up to 150 feet. That ostensibly gives you a host of remote control options no matter where you are in the home. The unit can pair with multiple iOS devices at a time, and even pulls programming schedules from your cable or satellite provider after you enter in your local information. The system will eventually be able to download channel guides for broadcast channels as well, thanks to a forthcoming app update.

We first got to play with Blumoo at CES last January, and after our short encounter, we walked away pretty impressed. Those who are looking for a simple means to control multiple components – and don’t mind trading the tactile touch of standard remotes for virtual buttons – may find the Blumoo system to be an enticing method for taking command of their entire home theater from a single device. And adding wireless music streaming is a nice little bonus to sweeten the pot.

Although originally slated at a price of $100, the cost of the unit has stepped up a bit, to $130 – still not an outrageous price for universal control and wireless music playback. As of now, the unit only works with iOS devices, but the website claims it is coming to Google’s universe soon. Check out our article to follow our hands-on first impression, and stay tuned for our full in-depth review, coming soon.

Blumoo is available for online purchase now.

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