Limited edition Artist Series Boombots from Boombotix bring the funk

Boombotix-Artist-SeriesHaving trouble getting through this Wednesday? Here’s a little levity to get you over the hump: Boombotix has announced toay that  it will be releasing a new iteration of its popular Boombots line of portable speakers this winter. The line, which has been dubbed “the Artist Series,” overlays the Boombots with funky, chaotic, and edgy skins, crafted by street artists, to spice up the traditional portable speaker aesthetic. 

The Artist Series Boombots feature a  50 mm driver and small tweeter driven by a 3-watt amplifier. The mini sound system, which is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, conspires to deliver sound at up to 94 db (measured at two feet); but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Bluetooth-enabled bots are also available and will reportedly deliver wireless sound for up to eight hours of lithium-ion battery life. 

Let’s get real though, the art is the main attraction here. Street artists UberPup, DGPH, and Sket One – out of London, Argentina, and L.A. respectively – have all contributed to the project, providing unique, limited edition designs that reflect their style.

We’re all for expressing yourself, and we think it’s pretty clever that Boombotix has come up with a way for you to enjoy both visual and auditory art on the go. If the audio proves to be up to snuff (and you’re a fan of funkiness) this looks like a fun buy.

Both wired and Bluetooth Artist Series bots will be available this winter, and are expected to retail for $55 and $75 respectively. You can check out the full spectrum of available Boombots here.