BoomBotix Rex: A Rough And Ready Speaker Design Hits Kickstarter

boombotix rex 2 boom botix

There are some instances where enjoying music while active can’t be aided by a set of headphones. Take mountain biking, for instance: if you’re doing it right, headphones probably aren’t a great idea. In cases such as these, a portable speaker might make for a smart solution, but the problem there is that portable speakers are akin to bones in that they can, and often will, be broken.

Those that want a soundtrack to go with their rough and rugged lifestyle will need a rough and rugged speaker. That’s where Boombotix comes in. The company has made a name for itself with its line of durable speakers and it just might have come up with its most resilient yet. The upcoming Boombotix Rex looks like the kind of speaker that could survive a journey through Jurassic Park and come out the other end still rockin’.

This rugged 2.1 sound system is housed in a hexagonal casing that features two 36mm drivers along with a built-in “subwoofer”. This should allow the listener to feel the music as much as hear it, especially if mounted on a deck or bicycle. Music can be streamed from any compatible Bluetooth device for up to six hours thanks to a   built-in rechargeable battery.

The Rex is still a  Kickstarter project, so it remains as elusive as an actual T-Rex at this point, but it should be ready to stomp out early next year.