Boston Acoustics’ TVee One holds down virtual surround while holding up your TV

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There’s a new TV sound solution that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of soon. Call it a sound console, speaker console, sound platform or whatever you like, these products are made for those in need of a convenient way to upgrade the sound of their flat screen TV without clearing out space for a sound bar. The latest offering in this relatively new category is coming from Boston Acoustics, which  announced its all new TVee One Television Speaker Base. The TVee One is a compact platform that supports your flat screen TV while belting out beefed-up audio from a combination of 1/2-inch tweeters and 5-inch woofers.

The 3-inch tall device is designed to slip neatly under your TV and can support up to 60 lbs. of HD real estate, covering most flat L_TVeeOneRendering editscreen sizes of up to 50-inches wide. The system includes Dolby Digital decoding, and its dual sets of tweeters and ‘hyperbolic high-rigidity’ 5-inch woofers run through Boston Acoustics’ proprietary Digital Optimized Virtual Surround sound (DOVS) to simulate a multi-channel home theater environment.

Other specs for the TVee One include Bluetooth capability with the aptX codec for CD-quality wireless streaming, five selectable listening modes, Optical, Coaxial, and analog inputs, and a smart reader to learn your TV’s remote commands in case you don’t want to use its own proprietary remote.

These types of speaker solutions propose a benefit over sound bars not just because they’re suitable for anyone who intends to stand-mount their TV, but because the large amount of cabinet space can help reinforce bass response and provide a fuller sound overall. 

The new platform is priced at $300, considerably more affordable than similar offerings we’ve seen popping up in the emerging product segment, so it should be interesting to see how it holds up under scrutiny. We hope to get our hands on one for ourselves soon, so we’ll let you know how it sounds after some real world testing.

Boston Acoustic’s new TVee One is available now.