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Bowers & Wilkins calls the P9 Signature its ‘most luxurious headphone to date’

Bowers & Wilkins has been busy this year, releasing new and updated models of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more. As its 50th year in business approaches, the company decided to celebrate its golden anniversary by releasing the P9 Signature headphones, which the company says are its most luxurious to date.

The P9 Signature was engineered by the same team behind Bowers & Wilkins’ well-regarded 800 D3 speaker. This is also the largest over-ear headphone the company has released to date. Bowers & Wilkins says it takes advantage of everything the company has learned throughout the years.

Bowers & Wilkins spared no expense for the P9 Signature headphone, with no off-the-shelf parts used in the construction. The headband and aluminum arms offer flexibility and a strong build, but also lessen vibrations, decoupling each ear cup and making for better stereo separation and reduced distortion.

Crafted from Italian Saffiano leather, the headphones use memory foam ear cushions for both added comfort and to make for better sound isolation. To keep the headphones protected, a case made of Saffiano leather and alcantara, which offers a similar feel to suede, is included in the box.

The headphones come with a number of cables for use with either mobile devices or higher-end headphone amps for the audiophile set. For those who are worrying how the headphones will work with their brand new iPhone 7, the company has a Lightning-compatible cable that is expected to be released in early 2017. This cable will be available free of charge as long as you register your headphones on the company’s website.

The Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature headphones sell for $900, and are available now via the company’s website. If you’d rather see the headphones in person, the P9 Signature is expected to hit store shelves in select retail locations by October 15, and will be available from Amazon on October 17.

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