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British sci-fi miniseries Black Mirror is now streaming on Netflix

british sci fi miniseries black mirror is now streaming on netflix ep 2 17
It’s like a traditional sci-fi thriller show, but with touches of modern technology thrown in. And the British miniseries Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, is officially now streaming on Netflix to satisfy your cravings for some dark, disturbing fare.

As with iconic shows like The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror will keep viewers at the edge of their seats, shielding their eyes, and on full alert as they meet with their deepest fears. But it’s more about the specific fears we face today, in the 21st century. Many fears are timeless – the dark, monsters, death, ghosts, et cetera. But in today’s world, there are new sets of fears: terrorists finding your whereabouts using social media, thieves attacking you by tracking your movements online, and so on. In its way, Black Mirror combines the two in the most disturbing, twisted way possible.

For example, in one episode, a company takes all of the data that a person’s dead loved ones had accumulated through their lives and creates a mourning robot, notes The Verge. In another episode, humiliation is a terrorist’s way of attacking, using social media to spread its virus against enemies. No blood and gore, but absolute fear like you’ve never experienced.

Each episode stands on its own, which is great as it makes it easy to consume in bits – there’s no need to binge-watch to keep track of an ongoing story line. And good thing, as you’ll probably need some time to digest each episode after you’ve indulged. The stories get creepier and creepier each time. In another episode, people have optical recording devices implanted into them, only to see them boost memory and harvest intense fears, like jealousy.

Another great thing about the show is that it deals with real humans dealing with real problems – it isn’t about fancy makeup work, or fantastical creatures, zombies, vampires, and the rest. It ranks high on the disturbing meter. And that can be more frightening than anything.

Thus far, there have been six episodes total across two seasons, all of which are now streaming on Netflix. A special Christmas episode will be available on Christmas Day, starring Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Oona Chaplin. What might it be about? A creepy fibre optic tree that recalls your greatest wishes and desires as a child? A talking doll that posts your greatest fears on Instagram? Can’t wait!

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