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The Buckshot portable speaker aims to rock your (two-wheeled) ride

Our head offices are located in Portland, OR, the unofficial biking capital of the U.S., so anytime we see a speaker built to rock out on your handlebars, we take notice. Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot is the latest speaker vying to project the soundtrack for your two-wheeled cruise. And with a standout design, a robust, water-resistant shell, and a $50 price tag, this little barrel of sound is an enticing choice.

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With the absolute glut of Bluetooth speakers on the market, it takes more than a pretty face to make a splash these days. The Buckshot may not be gorgeous, but it makes its case for your attention with a unique tubular design, littered in diamond-cut angles, and sporting Outdoor Tech’s Sasquatch logo at the center. The speaker secures to your handlebars (or other surfaces) with a simple rubberized strap, and its surface is tough enough to handle a few clumsy drops, as well as being IPX5 certified to keep a little rain or the occasional puddle from ruining the ride.

We’re guessing the Buckshot probably doesn’t sound fantastic – there’s only so much you can do with a hand-sized cylinder. However, the company promises big sound, which is important as the wind hits your face, and it also offers an impressive 16 hours of battery runtime. Other features include an onboard microphone, and an ample palette of available colors, including black, electric blue, army green, and even a glow in the dark version – perfect for standing out on those late night rides.

If you’d like to grab a Buckshot for yourself, you can do so now at Outdoor Tech’s website. And for a deeper examination, check out the video with the facetious spokesman, Frank Harrington.

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