B&W Adds New Flat Panel Monitor

According to B&W the FPM family is widely considered to be one of the few high-end solutions available where ultra-low-profile speakers are required, such as to complement flat-panel plasma TVsand monitors. Now, the B&W Series grows with the FPM 2, a compact yet high performance two-way model.

Of course, the FPM Series is not exclusively for plasma-based systems. The FPM 2 is a good choice in multiroom systems where architectural in-wall speakers are not practical or desirable. And ofcourse, the FPM 2 is a surround-channel speaker for plasma or other flat-panel or projection systems, or wherever a sonically excellent, compact, unobtrusive speaker is needed.

Like the other FPM Series models the FPM 2 is just 4 inches deep. Yet its compact vented enclosure and ultra-long-throw four-inch woofer combine to produce output down to 65 Hz—extension to blendcorrectly with main- and subwoofer-channel mates, or to provide musical reproduction when used alone in a remote-room installation. The FPM 2, like all FPM models, employs an ultra-wideband tweeterderived form B&W’s reference-standard Nautilus designs, employing that technology’s unique, tapered-tube tweeter “enclosure” to absorb unwanted rearward output for unequalled clarity and freedomfrom coloration, to 40 kHz. The FPM 2’s 8 ohms nominal impedance makes it a sonics-optimizing load for amplifiers of virtually any power: The FPM 2 will produce musically dynamic sound from as littleas 25 watts per channel, but is capable of high performance with top-quality amps or receivers in the 100 watts-per-channel class.

The B&W FPM 2 is available in silver, black, or anthracite frames with matching cloth grilles, and is supplied with secure on-wall mounting hardware. The FPM 2 will be available February 2004, ata manufacturer’s suggested price of $400 each.