Canon Shows Off With LV-7565 Projector

The LV-7565 projector features precision Canon optics and is designed to meet the high-resolution imaging needs of a wide range of presentation venues. In addition to the 1.3X lens, which comes standard, the new model’s versatility is enhanced by four optional Canon-quality lenses, which maximize the projector’s efficiency in various room sizes. Such environments may include concert and lecture halls, schools, houses of worship, museums, galleries, and fixed corporate installations. These optional Canon-quality interchangeable lenses include Ultra Wide Angle, Wide Angle Zoom, Long Focus Zoom, and Ultra Long Focus Zoom. A body only model, the LV-7565F is also available.

“This is the brightest LCD projector Canon has ever introduced,” said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group at Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The Canon LV-7565 LCD projector and its exceptional array of optional Canon lenses provide presenters with greater choices than ever before in meeting the needs of large and demanding venues such as meeting centers, sizeable conference rooms, and university theatres.”

Canon LV-7565 

In addition to its brightness, the LV-7565 projector also features native XGA resolution for crisp display of video and text, and will also support SXGA resolution through high-quality compression. A 1000:1 contrast ratio provides deep, rich tones. This brilliant new projector features an advanced Integrated Circuit (IC) that improves picture quality through a number of features, including:

— Color Management function, which allows users to identify a specific color for manual adjustment;

— 2:3 Pull-Down option that minimizes motion artifacts on DVDs that were transferred from film;

— Auto Picture Control, which automatically optimizes image quality;

— Intelligent Image Sharpness, which analyzes incoming signal and sharpens only the areas that need attention; and

— Progressive Scan Converter that converts all interlaced signals-including 1080i HDTV-to progressive scan for optimal image quality.

Exceptionally quiet, the Canon LV-7565 LCD projector’s silent mode reduces fan noise to 35dB. Presenters can achieve maximum connectivity via a DVI terminal for high-quality digital projection when linked with a computer, as well as inputs for a wide range of devices including DVD, HDTV, VCR, digital camcorder, and digital cameras.

A versatile optional accessory is Canon’s Network Imager, LV-NI01, which allows the LV-7565 projector to be connected to an Ethernet network. The Network Imager allows presenters to control a variety of projector functions via networked computer, including Power On/Off, Input Switching, and Picture Adjustments.

Users can also customize system status messages-such as the projector-lamp replacement alert-which will automatically e-mail users via an Ethernet connection. Additionally, the Network Imager remotely transfers images from a computer to the projector and can centralize the control of multiple LV-7565 units.

The Canon LV-7565 LCD multimedia projector will be available in late November at authorized Canon USA dealers, for a suggested list price of $7999*. The LV-7565F, a body only version, will have a suggested list price of $7499*.