Canton Introduces Karat Reference 6 DC

The three-way loudspeaker partakes of the same advanced circuitry, design features, and driver engineering as its larger sibling, the Reference 2 DC, but in a compact enclosure suitable for more modestly sized rooms.

The Karat Reference 6 DC is a no-holds-barred full-range loudspeaker that is the result of over 30 years of Canton’s experience with loudspeaker and driver design. It’s heavily braced enclosure is constructed of multiple-density laminate that is 1-1/4 inches thick, and features a unique trapezoidal shape that gives it a narrow front baffle for highly accurate imaging, while still maintaining a relatively large volume for ideal bass response. The system transducers are performance re-engineered versions of time-tested Canton exclusive designs, featuring enhanced diaphragms, more powerful magnet structures, enhanced shielding, and improved venting. The massive 16 pound crossover network features high-end components such as ICW capacitors, and is mounted in its own sealed enclosure to provide optimal microphonic isolation from the speaker’s mechanical and acoustical parts. The speaker uses premium grade Fast Audio 6M cabling, and features gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-amping terminals.

“The Karat Reference series is the sort of project that reminds me why I became a loudspeaker designer in the first place,” said Frank Göbl, Canton’s head of Research and Development. “We had a green light to do whatever we thought was best for the sound, with the entire focus and only consideration being that of producing the ultimate means of sonic reproduction.” He adds, “of course, no one wants their child to be an eyesore, so we also made it as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the ears.”
Bass reproduction in the Reference 6 DC is handled by a side-mounted, high output 9-inch cellulose/graphite woofer, and a custom-designed passive radiator on the opposite side. Thanks to extensive analysis, matching. and integration of the drivers, crossover, and enclosure, the loudspeaker is capable of delivering clean and musical bass all the way to the bottom of the audible spectrum. Careful application of Canton’s Displacement Control (DC) technology, which filters unwanted infrasonic (below 20 Hz) signals, is also employed to substantially lower harmonic distortion in the audible range and extend the low-frequency response of the system. The cabinet’s unusual trapezoidal shape and three-chamber design mean that there are virtually no parallel surfaces, preventing unwanted standing waves that are so problematic for conventional box-shaped designs.

The front baffle of the Reference 6 DC features a pair of Canton’s highly responsive 5-inch midrange drivers, and a modified version of its lauded 1-inch aluminum-manganese dome tweeter in a D’Appolito configuration for ideal imaging and smooth off-axis response. The tweeter features the company’s signature one-piece dome and voice-coil former for improved linear coupling and heat dispersion. For the Karat Reference 6 DC, it also benefits from a more powerful neodymium ring magnet, and improved internal venting to minimize backpressure that can adversely affect dynamic response. As with all Canton loudspeakers, all of the transducers used in the Reference 6 DC are designed and manufactured exclusively by Canton.

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