CEA congratulates DirecTV on HDTV package

“The sun certainly is shining on HDTV today. DirecTV’s HDTV package is what so many HD enthusiasts have been waiting for. Millions of satellite subscribers now can look forward to watching ESPN and Discovery in high definition, in addition to HDNet, via DirecTV.

“Now, we continue to await the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) approval of the cable ‘plug-and-play’ agreement. With nearly 70 percent of American households relying on cable delivery of their primary television signal, adoption of the plug-and-play agreement is critical in seeing this transition through to completion. It is the final missing link of the HDTV transition and America anxiously is waiting. We continue to call on the Commission to swiftly adopt the plug-and-play agreement so that our industries may deliver the HDTV promise to all consumers.”