CES 2006 Profile: Hitachi

Hitachi was showcasing a number of interesting products at CES 2006 from their rather large booth. Of most interest for consumers were announcements and product displays of new DVD camcorders, LCD rear-projection HDTVs and CRT rear-projection DTVs.

Hitachi’s 2006 DVD camcorder line up consists of the DZGX3300A (April – $799), DZGX3200A (March – $599), DZGX3100A (April – $499) and DZBX35A (March – $399). The DZGX3300A is the flagship of this expanded line up, offering support for a variety of DVD formats, a sleep/restart battery saver function, a tool for pulling a photo still from video and sending it to a SD card in the memory card slot, a 2.7” 16 x 9 widescreen LCD, 3.3 megapixel resolution with a maximum photo resolution of 2016 x 1512, 10x optical zoom and a smoked-chrome finish. This model, as well as the 3.3 megapixel DZGX3100A, will also sport PC and Mac compatibility for the first time.

In Hitachi’s new 2006 LCD rear-projection HDTVs, the line up consists of the 50” 50VS69 (July – $2,299.95), 55” 55VS69 (April – $2,599.95) and 62” 62VS69 (April – $2,999.95). Features in common across this product line include industrial designs that feature minimal bottom speakers, panel technology which is designed to produce a bright, sharper picture in a compact design, a 1800p video processor, NTSC tuner, CableCard compatibility, day/night button for optimum picture quality and HDMI input.

New CRT rear-projection DTVs joining Hitachi’s line up include the 51” 51F59 (April – $1,299.95), 57” 57F59 (May – $1,499.95) and 65” 65F59 (May – $1,799.95). These sets feature a video processor that converts all signals to match their 1080i display resolution, day/night button, HDMI input and six aspect modes.