CES 2006 Profile: Toshiba (Home Video)

In the realm of video related product announcements at CES 2006, Toshiba was certainly not lacking as they rolled out new DVD and TV products. The most interesting news of the show for them in this area though related to their upcoming HD DVD players.

Toshiba’s new HD DVD players, the HD-XA1 (March – $799.99) and HD-A1 (March – $499.99), are both geared to support Toshiba’s next generation optical disc format known as HD DVD. In addition to supporting HD DVD, both players will be backwards compatible with older CD and DVD formats. Features in common on these models include HDMI output, upconversion to 720p or 1080i and support for a variety of advanced audio formats including Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD. The HD-XA1 also sports a motorized door which hides the disc drawer, offers front USB ports for connectivity to game controllers and has three different user selectable interfaces for customization.