Crackle now available on LG, Vizio, and Samsung Smart TVs, along with Samsung Blu-ray players

crackle lg vizio samsung hdr

Today, Entertainment Network Crackle announced that its application is now available on LG, Samsung, and Vizio Smart TVs, and on Samsung Blu-ray players.

The streaming equivalent to Spike TV, Crackle seeks out entertainment catered to Y chromosomes and delivers it for free via its ad-supported app. There is no quota or limit associated with the service and it gives the user access to hundreds of films and full-length television episodes, uncut and unedited. New titles are added monthly.

The service had already been available on gaming consoles, computers and smart phones, but this expansion means that a huge swath of television owners will now have yet another alternative to traditional broadcast content, the latest in a litany of such options.

CES 2013 made it clear that Smart TVs will rule the day for the foreseeable future and owners are undoubtedly thrilled at the prospect of sitting back and having new (and free) apps delivered to their doorsteps – or, uh, TV stands.

Today’s extension of services is limited to the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia for LG and Samsung, and to just Canada and the U.S. for Vizio. Far from worldwide, but it could still be far-reaching enough to affect in excess of one million televisions.

Crackle has declared that its service is now available on all leading Smart TVs. Debatable, but this move has certainly done plenty to expand its brand.