JLab Crasher kicks down your door with colorful Bluetooth audio

crasher jlabEarbud aficionado that it is, JLab – with its Bluetooth-enabled Crasher – will soon be providing something a little less diminutive, and a bit more powerful. Humility is nowhere to be found in the promotional materials for the speaker, as JLab purports it will “dominate the competition in every way.” This sort of brazenness extends to the Crasher’s style as well. It’s available in black and white, but also in an array of late-eighties neon color combinations that are as loud as JLab claims the speaker will sound. Each crasher is packaged with   a USB AC power adapter, aux audio cable, USB cable, and matching microfiber carrying pouch.

Strikingly similar to the Braven line of portable Bluetooth boomboxes (and several others, for that matter),  JLab has outfitted its speaker with a hi-fi digital amp, two full-range drivers, and a rear-firing passive subwoofer that the company says can deliver peace-disturbing bass. The Crasher’s  double-sized rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is said to deliver 18 hours of continuous sound. In other words: from the time you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, till you say goodnight to Irene. That would put the Crasher right in line with the run-time we experienced with the Braven 600.

Crasher is one of several Bluetooth-enabled speakers that can fully charge your phone while playing, but does it much more — shall we say — colorfully than most of its competition. Expect to find the Crasher in its multitude of eye-popping color combos — including the purple/mint Miami Crasher (pictured above) — later this month on Amazon for about $100.