Shape-shifting DBEST Transformative speaker swivels into seven different forms

dbest transformative bluetooth speaker 4007bt 05Straight out of London comes the Transformative, an ultra modern, shape-shifting speaker by British audio manufacturer, DBEST. The device features Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, a 3.5 mm auxiliary port and a mini USB, making it compatible with a bevy of devices. iPhones, iPads, PlayStations, MP3 players, and laptops all work with the speaker, which also features a caller ID system for conference calls.

The Transformative is split into three distinct sections: a static mid-section with an OLED display, and two outer sections that rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing the user to adjust the device in pursuit of either sound quality or style. Adjustability is what makes this product so unique, as you can sneak the Transformative into spaces other speakers can’t fit.dbest transformative bluetooth speaker comp low res

Battery life is another selling point, as its Lithium Polymer battery needs only 3-4 hours to charge before blaring forth 25+ hours of sound unbound by wires (50+ if wired). The price point currently sits at $250, which compares favorably to similar high-end devices, though we’ve not had a chance to hear it prove itself yet. To be honest, we’re a little concerned about the use of Bluetooth 2.1, which tends to sound more like FM radio than CD.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, consider that the device features a microSD slot, allowing it to function as a standalone MP3 player. Also included is a protective travel pouch, 3.5 mm auxiliary cable, and a USB cable.

This particular offering is one of many Bluetooth speakers purveyed by DBEST — whose name is a cheeky shorthand version of “the best” – though arguably its most flexible.