Definitive Technology Bipolar 7000 Series

All three combine the dramatic sonic benefits of Definitive’s signature bipolar technology with the impact of built-in SuperCube derived technology high-power subwoofers and the 7000 Series gorgeousnew sculpted styling.

Each BP7002 Bipolar SuperTower combines a new 12″ SuperCube derived technology subwoofer driven by a 300 watt class D amplifier, 2 pressure driven 12″ infrasonic radiators and bipolar dual D’Appolitofront and rear mounted driver arrays each consisting of 2 high definition cast-basket 5.25″ Definitive bass/midrange drivers surrounding a 1″ annealed pure aluminum dome Definitive tweeter. Newlydesigned Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks blend the drivers so that the sonic output is homogeneous.

According to Definitive Technology, the new speakers will reproduce a silky smooth, incredibly detailed wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling sonic image with extraordinary depth at lifelike volume levels(and beyond) with a sense of ease which is truly remarkable. The styling features the latest sculptural refinements to Definitive’s signature look with a choice of piano gloss black or piano glosscherry finish. Dimensions are 46.25″H x 7.25″W x 16″D. Freq. Response is 15 Hz – 30 kHz. Rec. Assoc. Amp. is 20 – 400 watts/channel. Price is $1,099 each and are available March 2004.

The BP7004 Bipolar SuperTower is basically a smaller version of the BP7002. Its bipolar arrays each incorporate one cast-basket 5.25 bass/midrange driver and one – 1” pure aluminum dome tweeter (bothfront and rear) rather than the dual D’Appolito 5.25” arrays in the BP7002. The bass section is also similar to that of the BP7002 except that it incorporates a 10” active subwoofer driver and 2 –10” pressure driven infrasonic radiators. Dimensions are 42.25”H x 6.6”W x 13”D. Freq. Response is 16Hz – 30kHz. Rec. Assoc. Amp. is 20 – 300 watt/channel. Price is $799 each and are available March2004.

Similarly the new BP7006 Bipolar SuperTower is a smaller version of the BP7004 with 4″ cast-basket bass/midrange drivers and a 1” pure aluminum dome tweeter (both front and rear), an 8” activesubwoofer driver and 2 – 8” infrasonic bass radiators. Dimensions are 38.1″H x 6.25″W x 11.5″D. Freq. Response is 17 Hz – 30 kHz. Rec. Assoc. Amp. is 20 – 250 watts/channel. Price is $599 each andare available March 2004.

All three models can be combined with Definitive’s matching center channels (with or without their own built-in powered subwoofers) and Definitive’s matching bipolar rear/side surround speakers forcomplete home theater surround systems.