Definitive Technology showcases four brand new sonic toys at CEDIA 2013

definitive technology showcases four new sonic gems at cedia 2013 solocinema  2 edit
Definitive Technology SoloCinema Studio Sound Bar

Definitive Technology is hitting CEDIA hard this year, unveiling four new sound systems to show off at the Expo in Denver. The company seems to have brought something for every sonic endeavor, including a brand new virtual surround sound bar called the SoloCinema Studio, a refresh to its Mythos ST tower speakers it’s calling the Mythos ST-L Super Tower, and two compact home sound solutions including a wireless speaker called the Cube Bluetooth, as well as its first ever pair of desktop speakers, the Incline. Let’s dig into each new piece of gear below to see what they have to offer.

SoloCinema Studio

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When it comes to sound bars, why not go big while you’re going small? At least that seems to be Definitive Technology’s philosophy with its sleek new SoloCinema virtual surround system (pictured above) that will set you back $1,119. To back that regal price up, the SoloCinema includes both Dolby Digital and DTS surround technology to create a 5.1 virtual system, packing 120 watts of power. The ‘.1’ in the equation is handled by a 200 watt wireless sub (no word on the size as of yet). The system also incorporates Bluetooth and NFC, and is designed to “be the centerpiece of the living room.”

Mythos ST-L Super TowerMythos_Full_Black edit

If you call a speaker a Super Tower, it definitely sets up some high expectations, and Definitive Technology intends to deliver with the new towers by incorporating a trio of brand new patent-pending technologies, as well as integrated subwoofers, and even a remote control for quick-touch bass control. The shiny new towers promise to deliver a balanced ratio of hi-fi sound across the frequencies thanks to an integrated, adjustable configuration. The towers will come in both black, and a limited edition graphite silver, for those trying to add a bit of flash to their home theater setup. Along with the Super Tower comes a super price, running just a shade under $5,000 for the pair.

Cube Bluetooth speakerCube Bluetooth speaker

Packing three sides of sound into a six-sided frame, the Cube Bluetooth speaker uses Definitive Technology’s proprietary tri-polar technology to deliver an immersive sound experience from an autonomous box. The Cube is powered by both A/C and battery to take it off the grid, though no word yet if its battery system is of the discard or rechargeable variety – we’re betting on the latter. The speaker incorporates both Bluetooth and NFC technologies, and will be available at $400.

Incline desktop speakersInclline_Pair (2) edit

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The final piece of Definitive Technology’s CEDIA pie is its first ever set of desktop speakers, the Incline. True to their name, the speakers lean back to match up with your desktop or laptop screen. The new speakers use a four driver configuration, run through DSP, and split into a bipolar sound emission to create an office filling burst of high-definition omnidirectional sound. The Incline will be available at $400.

All of Definitive Technology’s new CEDIA show pieces will be available next month, but if you can’t wait till then, they’ll be on display at booth SR-8 at the Colorado Convention Center today.

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