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Denon’s newest wired in-ear headphones are designed for audiophiles on the go

Generally, when Digital Trends covers Denon products, it’s the company’s A/V receivers, its HEOS multiroom audio systems, or in the case of its most recent announcement last month, both. But the company also makes other audio products, including its new AH-C820, AH-C720, and AH-C620R in-ear headphones, which were announced on Thursday.

While other audio companies are scrambling to remove the wires from their headphones, Denon is keeping the wire, and instead focusing on the sound. Aimed at travelers, professionals, and other people frequently on the go, the new in-ears are aimed at bringing audiophile-quality sound with you, no matter where you’re headed.

The AH-C820 is the top of the range, with each earpiece featuring two of the company’s 11.5 drivers, one in front of the other, with a separate cable from the plug to each driver, which the company says makes for improved low-end and optimal signal clarity. The drivers are mounted in die-case aluminum and resin housings with dual ports in the front and rear in order to equalize the air pressure around the two drivers.

All of the new in-ears offer Comply-brand memory foam tips, with the AH-C820 using the TX500 tips. These include a built-in wax guard to help keep both the tips and your ears clean. Four sizes of silicon tips are included as well, in addition to a cable clip and carrying case.

The AH-C720 opts for a single 11.5 driver, but keeps the dual Denon Acoustic Optimizer ports found on its more expensive sibling. This model features a fiber-mesh cover for the cable and includes Comply TX400 memory foam tips, as well as four silicon tips. Like the more expensive model, a cable clip and carrying case is also included, but while the AC-C820 is only available in black, the AH-C720 is available in black and silver.

The AH-C620R doesn’t use the same driver as the other two models, but does use a similar housing, as well as the Radial Cascade Damper that is found in all three models in this series and reduces mechanical noise between the cable and earpieces. This model also features a built-in mic and remote, Comply and silicon tips, and a carrying case, and is available in black and white.

Each of these models can be tuned using the Denon Audio App, which is free and available for both iOS and Android devices. The company says this app can “optimize” the sound of your mobile device, but also acts as an audio player, compete with playlist support, queueing, and 70,000 internet radio stations available via TuneIn Radio.

The AH-C820 is the priciest model, selling for $200, while the AH-C720 goes for $150, and the AH-C620R can be had for $100. All these models are expected to become available later this month. See the Denon website for more information.

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