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DISH ships Hopper with Sling as legal storm rages on


Today, DISH made its Hopper with Sling available, even as the storm surrounding the technology intensifies. For everyone but the networks and advertisers, it’s better late than never. But the news will likely add some urgency to pending litigation, and splash some fuel on an already raging fire.

The new set-top is available to customers who fork over the $10 per month subscription fee for whole-home DVR, and – via Sling – allows users to watch live TV and access recorded content on mobile devices. Hopper with Sling also includes another controversial feature: AutoHop. The automated ad-elimination service allows you to skip the shilling when playing back your recorded programs and is part of what’s drawing the ire of the networks, several of which have brought legal action against DISH.

In many ways, Hopper with Sling provides the kind of TV experience consumers have been clamoring for. Being able to access the content you paid for whenever and however you’d like is a pretty darn attractive proposition. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what DISH’s day(s) in court brings, but there’s certainly no reason you can’t enjoy the new box while the suits fight it out.

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