DTS Files Infringement Suit Against Shinco

DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) and DTS China Licensing Ltd. announced the commencement of legal proceedings against Shinco International AV Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Shinco Electronic Group Co. Ltd.,and Changzhou Shinco Digital Technology Co. for breach of contract, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and passing off. Representing part of a larger program to aggressively seek toeradicate the unlawful use of DTS trademarks and other intellectual property, these proceedings underscore DTS’ dedication to protecting both the value of its intellectual property and thecompetitive advantage that its intellectual property provides to the company’s valued consumer electronics manufacturer licensees.

“This lawsuit represents DTS’ continuing efforts to enforce our intellectual property rights, and protect our company, our licensees, and consumers,” said Brian Towne, Vice President, Consumer/Pro Audio Division at DTS. “We will continue to be very active in preventing the illegal use of our name and technologies.”

Companies that wish to clarify whether they are properly using DTS trademarks and intellectual property should contact DTS’ Consumer at consumerlicensing@dtsonline.com.