Dual Disc DVD Gets Approval

“A pre-Christmas launch would be most desirable. However, creating or reworking a classic album into an audio/video surround sound masterpiece reportedly takes anywhere from 12 to 18 weeks, even by the most experienced mixers, masterers and authors of high-resolution discs.

Industry executives privy to the five label support for Dual Disc suggest that the amount of titles could range anywhere from 30 to 50 before the holidays. That estimate could be accurate, considering that most of the big labels have held off releasing many DVD-Audio or SACD titles during the first two quarters of 2004. This is not to say they weren’t working on mixing and mastering their back catalog for the pending surround sound formats. Deals like the one between EMI and DTS Entertainment has the surround sound company mixing many of EMI’s best albums (no Beatles yet) for surround.”

It is exciting to see a new DVD format get adopted by the industry, but don’t hold your breath waiting for record labels to start using the format anytime soon.

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