DVD-A And SACD Sales Figures Are In

CD sales still ruled supreme in 2003, with nearly 756 million total discs sold. However, that number was down 7.1 percent over 2002’s total number of CDs sold.

DVD-Audio sales remained stagnant in 2003, with a 0.08 percent increase in sales to approximately 400,000, says the RIAA’s “2003 Yearend Statistics” report. Sales for DVD-Audio discs were first tracked in 2001 at about 300,000 units and increased to 400,000 units in 2002. Music industry executives point out that these numbers could be slightly on the low side, because Soundscan allegedly has yet to track DVD-Audio sales on the Internet, which is currently the best place for fans of the format to purchase discs. Nevertheless, total DVD-Audio total sales at this point are many hundreds of times less than that of the CD.

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