DVD Forum Adopts aacPlus [HE AAC] Codec

“The approval opens the way for future DVD-Audio content to be transferred to compressed-music portables and to home HDD music jukeboxes, said David Frerichs, GM for the U.S. arm of CodingTechnologies, based here.

Coding Technologies, a Forum member, expects September adoption by the Forum of a digital-rights management technology to protect a DVD-Audio disc’s compressed-music zone. The DRM technology will be DVD-Audio’s CPPM [Content Protection for Prerecorded Media] copy-control technology, but it will be revised to incorporate new rules, the company said.

Major CE companies in the Forum support the developments as a way to transfer protected music files directly from a DVD-Audio player to a compliant music portable or HDD jukebox, said Frerichs. Home HDD jukeboxes could also incorporate a DVD-Audio drive to transfer the protected files to the jukebox’s hard disk. Likewise, PC software could be developed to transfer files to a portable device, but the enhancement was developed with “a CE-centric view of things,” Frerichs said.”

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