Dynaudio Introduces The Audience 72 SE

The concept: take an existing, already successful Dynaudio model and develop it even further. Although physically the same dimensions as the standard Audience 72, the SE model has benefited fromseveral performance enhancements.

A new tweeter, an ESOTEC variant originally developed for the recently introduced Dynaudio Contour S series models, features a powerful magnet system, a resonance damping rear chamber, and amultiple-coated fabric soft dome with an aluminum wire voice coil.

The mid/bass drivers were updated as well, with the 72 SE model featuring high-performance units derived from Dynaudio’s venerable Contour 1.8 MkII, and using a rigid, die-cast aluminum frame basket,the characteristic Dynaudio MSP (Magnesium-Silicate-Polymer) one-piece cone, a large (75 mm) diameter pure aluminum wire voice coil, and a centered magnet system.

A completely new crossover design was also developed to integrate the new tweeter and woofers within the Audience 72 SE’s cabinet. For the SE, this new filter features high quality componentsthroughout, including low-loss inductors, capacitors with low-loss dielectric, and zero-compression ceramic resistors, all mounted securely onto the circuit board, to negate any adverse effects ofvibration or resonance. High-quality, gold-plated insulated binding posts, mounted onto a terminal plate sourced directly from the Contour 1.8 MkII, are utilized.

The driver complement is integrated into the anti-resonant, 25mm thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) front baffle. As in the standard model 72, the 72 SE cabinet is internally braced and treatedwith layers of damping material to eliminate unwanted resonance.

In contrast to the standard Audience model variants, which feature light gray colored driver frames and tweeter front-plates, in the Dynaudio Audience SE models these items are dark gray in color tohelp distinguish the technical enhancements that lie beneath the surface. The 72 SE has a removable black fabric grill exclusive to the Dynaudio SE models. Above the terminal panel on the back, thespecial “Audience 72 SE” aluminum nameplate identifies this version of the Audience 72.

The Audience 72 SE is offered in the same finishes as the rest of Dynaudio’s Audience models: there is a choice of Cherry, Rosewood, Black Ash or Maple natural wood veneer finishes, allowing thespeakers to be integrated into any room or décor. While its finish is furniture-grade, its performance and sonic presentation will ideally complement any audiophile-grade music or theater system,according to Dynaudio.

The Audience 72 SE will be priced at $3,000 per pair (MSRP) and is scheduled to begin shipping by October 1, 2004.