Edifier Luna Eclipse setup & unboxing: Get your new sound system in the groove

Edifier is something of an undiscovered high-quality audio manufacturer with a diverse catalog ranging from portable Bluetooth speakers to full home theater systems. We recently got our hands on a set of Edifier Bluetooth multimedia speakers — the Luna Eclipse HD — which offer a unique aesthetic and a few cool features. They’re great, but not always easy to get set up — especially if you’re pairing them with a TV.

With that in mind, here’s our quick Edifier Luna Eclipse setup & unboxing guide. Rock on.

What’s in the box?

The Luna Eclipse come boxed with a ton of cables and accessories, including:

  • A three-button remote, which uses a coin battery
  • A power supply brick and cable
  • A hybrid optical cable for digital connection
  • A 3.5mm auxiliary cable
  • An RCA-auxiliary adapter
  • A speaker connecting cable
  • A polishing cloth
  • Product literature (warranty, manual, and others)

There’s not much else you could possibly ask for. The speakers themselves even come in individual cloth bags to protect from smudges.

Hardware setup

The back of the right “control” speaker is where you’ll find three ports: One port that works with auxiliary cables and also with the hybrid optical cable; one port for power; and one port for the proprietary speaker cable, which provides power for the left “slave” speaker. Plug all this stuff in (if you’re using optical, make sure to remove the plastic caps), arrange the speakers where you want them, and you’re all set.

Features and design

The ovular, black-on-black speakers (also available in black-on-red and black-on-white) feature grippy silicone lining on the baffle, with a little guard over the tweeters to prevent children or pets from messing with the domes. The relatively small (2.5-inch) front bass drivers are supplemented by passive radiators cleverly hidden in a cutout at the rear of both speakers.

Along the left side of the right speaker, you’ll also find touch controls for power and volume. To power the speakers on via the remote, press and hold the power button; short presses will switch between inputs, which are denoted by a colored LED on the speaker.

Software setup

You don’t need to do much to get the Luna Eclipse up and running; if you’re connecting to a television via optical, though, you’ll need to head into the TV’s audio settings and enable PCM — the speakers don’t support digital surround sound.

If you prefer Bluetooth, you can do that easily. Once the Eclipse are powered on, they’ll automatically appear in your chosen device’s list of available signals. Select Edifier Luna Eclipse HD and you’re all set.