Encore Play follows Starz Play to Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

encore play starz amazon fire tv dark
Just a few years ago, it would probably be considered a major bonus if a cable network offered a companion streaming app, but these days it’s basically a necessity. With the amount of TVs and set-top devices on the market this is easier said than done, but there are a few devices that absolutely need to be targeted, and Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices definitely make that list.

Since its initial debut last year, Amazon’s Fire TV (along with the more recent Fire TV Stick) have ramped-up their available apps at an impressive pace. Last month the devices added the full content vault of Starz with the Starz Play app, and today Starz’s sister network came on board via the Encore Play app. As you might’ve guessed, both apps require authentication from a cable or satellite subscription, but for those who still get down with traditional pay TV, it’s a nice addition.

While both Starz and Encore show a wide selection of titles, lately Starz has followed suit with its larger competitors like Showtime and HBO, focusing heavily on creating original series like the drama Outlander and the upcoming Ash vs. Evil Dead. Encore on the other hand focuses more on movies new and old, from recent blockbusters like Thor: The Dark World to classics like E.T.

Starz Play offers 450 monthly selections, including its original programming, while Encore Play offers over 1,300 monthly selections.

As part of the Starz TV Everywhere service, Starz Play and Encore Play make programming available on a wide range of devices aside from those in Amazon’s stable. The Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Chromecast are supported for viewing on a TV, while a variety of mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and several Android devices are supported as well.

For more information see the Starz Play and Encore Play websites and the full list of supported devices.

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