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Feenix unveils the Aria, a sexy pair of luxury gaming headphones

The incredibly sleek and tastefully simple “Current Collection” from Feenix is certainly appealing to the eye and alluringly exotic, with the Nascita, a sexy gaming mouse, the Autore, a minimalistic mechanical gaming keyboard, and the Dimora mousepad, what the Los Angeles-based company calls “the perfect base for any Feenix mouse.”

Now the collection has become even more of a gamer’s luxury arsenal with the release of the Aria, an aesthetically pleasing, studio-grade headphone with a lavalier-style, clip-on microphone. With an acoustic chamber consisting entirely of Japanese Pine wood and 100 percent memory foam with protein leather ear cushions (sounds comfier than the average bed), the headphones are supremely attractive.

With a detachable microphone, it’s less likely you’d  need to worry about going out in public with the ‘phones still on and getting those stares that scream, “You just can’t wait to get back to your wretched World of Warcraft game, can you?!” The clip mic is independent and unidirectional, so it can be attached to any nearby point on your gaming rig, be it  your keyboard wires, monitor, etc., and you’ll still be heard.

Feenix Aria headphones bottom

Sound-wise (and on paper), it looks like the ‘phones will probably deliver some serious quality. The Aria’s got 50mm full-range neodymium magnet drivers, each one is individually sound-checked prior to assembly for quality assurance.  They’re assembled by hand, quality-checked by hand, extensively stress tested, come standard with beveled aluminum casing, a single steel band, and on-wood logo engraving. You get what you pay for when you preorder these bad boys at $350 (every Aria owner even gets their own personally assigned support manager).

Feenix claims it won’t be producing more than 1000 pairs of the Aria per month, to ensure steady, static quality levels. That being the case, it might be a good idea to jump on a pre-order sooner than later. What do you think?  Are luxury gaming headphones worth it in your book? Let us know in the comments below. 

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