Ferrari by Logic3 quiets its engine down with noise-cancelling R300 cans


Ferrari by Logic3 has introduced the R300 noise-cancelling on-ear cans as the newest member of the Scuderia Ferrari Collection. 

Like their parent model, these phones are slick, streamlined, and hyper-stylized, but we’ve all come to expect those kinds of superlatives when it comes to Ferrari’s audio products. More important – to borrow from auto parlance – is what’s under the hood.

The engines behind the R300’s are a pair of 40mm drivers, which are meant to provide enough horses to support the audible frequency range (20Hz-20kHz), and provide an ultra clear 110dB at 1Khz 1mW sensitivity, making them ideal for low powered mobile devices like the iPhone. Conspicuously unavilable, however, are any details on the noise-cancelling feature. 

The R300s come in two different colors (black and white) and two different versions: an Apple-specific model, and a model designed to support all other mobile and MP3 devices. The Apple-specific R300s sport a three button mic, while both feature a detachable cable and collapse for easy storage.

There’s a certain cachet that comes with the Ferrari name, but we’re hoping that these phones don’t rely on branding and a pretty face to get by.

Ferrari by Logic3’s R300 phones are available now for $350.