Logic3 Ferrari headphones and Bluetooth speaker race to the states

ferrari logic3 cavallino scuderia

Check out our review of the Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones.

Pretty much anything with the name Ferrari attached to it is going to garner its fair share of attention. Its logo alone is enough to infuse an otherwise lame product with cool. That said, today’s announcement that Ferrari by Logic3 will be bringing its Cavallino T350 over-the-ear headphones and Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth speaker stateside, revved up a few heart rates at DT.

Ferrari’s design footprint is readily evident in the sleek, contoured design of the Cavallino T350s, but  just as Ferrari’s cars are as much about what’s under the hood as they are about beautiful exteriors, so too are these cans. The phones feature a pair of big time, 40mm drivers (no pun intended), a full-range 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, and active noise cancelling technology.

ferrari logic3 cavallino scuderia 0053 over ear hero black 2

The Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth 2.1 speaker tries to operate on the same principles: beauty on the outside, beast on the inside. The Scuderia sports two 52mm (2-inch) drivers powered by a 30-watt RMS amplifier. It also includes a USB charging port, 30-pin Apple dock and charging connector, and an Aux input. The speaker is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Apple devices.

Just as you expect a certain quality from Ferrari, you expect a certain price level as well. These are high-end products, and are priced as such. The Cavallino T350 headphones retail for $400, while the Scuderia FS1 Bluetooth speaker retails for $550. Both are available online at Ferrari and select retailers nationwide