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Fluance now offers an audiophile-grade surround system with towers for $1000

The last time we checked in with Fluance was back in September, when the company announced its AV5HTB Dynamic Home Theater Surround Sound system. Aimed at those looking for a home cinema feel on a budget, the entire set of five speakers sold for just $200.

Now the company is back, and utilizing a similar approach, but this time we’re talking about a stereo speaker system aimed at the audiophile crowd. Yesterday Fluance announced its new Signature Series Floorstanding Speakers, which the company is calling its new flagship line of speakers. Drawing comparisons to its older XL7F speakers, Fluance says the Signature Series cover the entire audible frequency range from 35Hz and up.

“We embarked on this audio journey with the idea of achieving perfect balance, as if the listener were sitting in a concert hall listening to their favorite artist,” Fluance president Deepak Jain said in the press release announcing the new line. “We want our customers to hear their music and movies in a way they have never experienced. Our goal is to help them discover the details in their audio they never knew existed.”

The Signature Series towers pack dual 8-inch woofers for the lows, 5-inch glass fiber drivers for the midrange, and 1-inch neodymium tweeters for the highs. In addition to the floorstanding model, Fluance has also issued matching bookshelf, center and bipolar surround speakers (pictured below). One can make a system comprising any of the speakers in the series, or choose from pre-configured surround systems.

All of the signature series speakers are packed into wood cabinets that Fluance says are made of dense wood and internally braced for an acoustically inert enclosure. The cabinets also use a tapered design meant to reduce standing waves and sound-isolating floor spikes to help tighten up bass response. Of course, the cabinet design isn’t only about the audio. Available in Black Ash or Natural Walnut finishes, the Signature Series should fit into a living room nicely, complementing the decor without redefining it.

The Fluance Signature Series towers sell for $700 per pair, and are available now through the company’s website. An entire Signature Series system including center channel and bookshelf surround speakers can be found here for $1000.

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