FOX snuggles up with Xfinity, streams content to mobile devices, Smart TVs, and PCs

Xfinity On Demand XboxTuesday, FOX and Xfinity announced that they had reached a deal to bring content from the network to multiple new platforms,.

While networks have historically shied away from non-traditional methods of serving up their content, we’ve seen some cracks in the foundation lately. The unavoidable irony here, however, is that Fox is currently in court seeking an injunction against DISH Network’s Hopper with Sling, largely due to the device’s ability to facilitate…well…non-traditional methods of viewing its content.

That aside, the new agreement will keep Xfinity subscribers flush with FOX, bringing a wide range of programming, including live broadcasts,  from 20 of its outlets to computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Internet-enabled televisions, in addition to traditional TVs.

Some of the channels that will lend their services to the newly supported devices include:  FUEL TV, FOX Soccer, FX, FX Movie Channel, SPEED, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic Channel, MundoFox, Fox Deportes, and Fox Business Network. The deal also includes language that allows the companies to broaden their partnership as new technologies crop up.

After being content to freeze frame the past, it seems broadcast TV is starting to lurch towards the present. After all, living the same day over and over again gets tedious – just ask Bill Murray.