Futuresource predicts we’ll see 4K/UHD channels in 2014

sony 4k uhd xbr 84x900 tv

Of late, deflating enthusiasm over 4K/UHD was as easy as reciting two inconvenient truths. The first: 4K/UHDs currently cost between $20-$25K. The second: There is very little  native 4K/UHD content available. Though cameras capable of shooting in the format have been around since 2007, content providers have been struggling to keep pace with ever-sharpening resolutions. Recent reports, however, have suggested that native content delivery may be further along than we’d thought.

If you’re geeked about the prospect of yet another step-up in resolution, last week brought some heartening news. Advanced-television reports that U.K.-based research consultancy firm, Futuresource, expects several broadcasters to debut 4K/UHD channels in 2014. The story goes on to say that test transmissions could begin as early as next year. Add that to news that Sony will be pairing a video player, pre-loaded with 4K films with its 84-inch XBR-84X900 LED 4K TV, and it has been a good week for 4K/UHD.

Previously, we’d seen sporadic reports of companies like DirecTV working on plans to deliver the format, but analysts had been relatively mum, hesitating to make substantive predictions about the future.

Still, Futuresource apparently hedged its bets a bit, reminding attendees of the November 28th webinar that many countries have yet to adopt run-of-the-mill HD, and warning of the potential of “upgrade fatigue” with the last resolution revolution still fresh in many consumer’s minds.

We’ll have to see if Futuresource’s auguring proves accurate, or whether what many are dubbing the “TV technology of the future” will stay that way.