Drop the bass for days on end with the Geek Beats Jolt5 Bluetooth speaker

Designed by geeks, for geeks, the Geek Beats Jolt5 Bluetooth speaker is meant to make your life easier by filling it with hours of music despite everything life throws at it — a high-water mark indeed.

To deliver on this promise, the Jolt5 is IP65 rated, so it can withstand punishing outdoor conditions like dust, dirt, and heavy rain. Packed inside is a 5,200mah battery that can double as a charger for your phone. This huge power reserve gives the Jolt5 up to 24 hours of playtime on a full charge.

Now, most companies like to greatly emphasize how long their devices will last, and consequently make all sorts of claims they can’t deliver on. But the Jolt5 really does play for 24 hours and much longer. We rocked out for multiple days and it still played strong. Twenty-four hours of playtime is actually a conservative estimate, so this leaves plenty of excess juice to top off your devices. Color us impressed.

Beyond just battery life, sound quality is incredible for its size. Crank the volume and the Jolt5 will deliver rich bass and clear highs.

The Jolt5 has a smaller profile than a water bottle and is covered with grippy rubber and silicone. I didn’t repeatedly throw this against the wall — does that make me a bad reviewer or a good homeowner? — but the Jolt5 will withstand a good fall. And that’s a test I did put it through.

With its combination of ruggedness, good sound, and a large battery to last all day and top off your phone, the Geek Beats Jolt5 makes an excellent companion for the outdoors.


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